Risky Proposition

Fandom: The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Pairing: none


Rating: G

Word Count: 100

Notes: Written for the LiveJournal group slashthedrabble challenge #266 – “Enemy/Enemies”

Original Publication Date:
20 October 2010


In the inky blackness of the night it’s impossible to distinguish friend from enemy. Even with all the high tech gadgets in the world, it’s still a risky proposition. In these situations it’s just as easy to be killed by your contact as you are by your pursuer. In some cases, they’re one and the same. Conjecture is easy whilst huddled at the base of an ancient tree in the middle of the night halfway around the world from the place you’re currently calling home waiting for a small disc that contains the fate of the world. A twig snaps.

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