1,001 Movies – Week 10

“Anne of a Thousand Days” to “The Aristocats”



Anne of a Thousand Days (1969) – Somewhat stagy, if elegant retelling of the Anne Boleyn story starring Richard Burton and Geneviève Bujold. Probably not as deep or rich in period flavor as something like A Man for All Seasons but playfully political and beautifully acted. (KT)


The Apartment (1960) – Billy Wilder’s sometimes funny sometimes sad film centers on a young man who attempts to move up the corporate ladder by loaning out his apartment to members of management for their trysts. Jack Lemmon is outstanding in the film. (GS)


Apocalypse Now Redux (2001) – Seemingly the now preferred version by all of those involved, the story behind Francis Ford Coppolla’s Vietnam epic is almost as good as the film itself. Whilst Sheen and Brando battle for prominence pay close attention to the way the movie, like the Nung River, snakes not just through a landscape but back in time, too. If you ever want to go to war after seeing this, you want your head examined. “Not with a whimper. Bang!” Quite possibly the greatest film ever made. (KT)


Apollo 13 (1995) – Even though we know how it ended before the credits rolled, it doesn’t take away from the tension and electricity generated by this top notch cast and sharp direction from Ron Howard. Bunches of the lines in the film have become part of our everyday vernacular. (GS)


The Aristocats (1970) – Loveable Disney animated classic about a high-class kitty and her offspring fallen on hard times and rescued by a streetwise cat. Funny, sassy, with great jazzy songs (“Thomas O’Malley”, “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat”), anybody who doesn’t like this hasn’t got a soul! (KT)


 Originally published in Raspberry World – Volume 2, Issue 1 (June/July 2007)

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