Video of the Week: Us

This video by Lim is quite simply one of the most stunning fan videos I have ever seen. It’s even garnered mainstream press and is one of the videos held up as an example of artistic merit in the fight to allow the extraction of clips from a DVD for inclusion in noncommercial remix videos, such as fanvids to be categorized as to be fair use.



Video of the Week: Closer

This is one of the most artistically made fan videos I’ve ever seen. Each frame has been enhanced – colorized, blurred, scratched, etc. It’s a hypnotic in its intensity. It’s a slash video from t. jonsey & killa featuring TOS Kirk/Spock and the fabulous song is from Nine Inch Nails. The song includes a bad word, repeated in the chorus, so this isn’t family-friendly. It is, however, an amazing achievement in fanvids.