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Review: Boom


A Play Review by kWRice

The B Street Theatre has come up with another original production; this one is about the end of time. It is a Vonnegut-Kubrick type of apocalyptic comedy. When She, journalism student Jo (played by newcomer Sarah Aili) answers the ad for “World Changing Sex and Significant Intimate Coupling” she is hoping to have one heck of a Saturday night or at least a good subject for her paper — due Monday. Jules, the portly-nerdy professor of Marine Biology, endearingly played by Peter Stor, is not exaggerating — just misleading. As this vicious angry young lady tries to get into Jules head, we soon learn he is a gay virgin.

Then there is the mysterious Barbara, unique as can be, well played by the over-the-top (in-a-good-way) Jamie Jones; a sometimes Greek Chorus-Manipulator with levers, lights and buttons that would make James Whale Frankenstein proud. Is she human, super-human, an anomaly? Does she answer to a higher power? Now, now now — that would be telling!

Oh yes, and then there are the fish. You see Jules has studied the fish to learn that a Comet is coming. (“They’re much bigger than a meteor. “When?” “Any minute now.” “When!!?“) BOOM! Alas, Jules’ selfless ideology (he’s gay ya know) to repopulate the planet did not consider his partner-victim would be a violent paranoid mutant. Her language alone, (be forewarned!) would scare away most any normal procreator, but the lovable Jules is not a quitter. And still, what is our connection — the audience, with the mysterious Barbara?

This is an engrossing play that comes at you from the beginning. The boom comes less than fifteen minutes after it starts. There are jabs at our own present society and mores, sound effects to make a Looney Toons fan proud, along with revelation after revelation. To share much more would lessen the wonder-filled myriad of surprises. (There are some doozies!) So get to Sacramento and the B Street Theater website and experience the end of time before you run out of time.