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Video of the Week: Stargate Atlantis – Stress

Hands! Rodney McKay’s beautiful, expressive hands! This is a marvelous tribute to our favorite snarky scientist. I can’t hear this song without thinking about Rodney; it’s almost as if it were written just for him. Rache & Sandy (aka Clucking Belles aka Media Cannibals) don’t have their videos uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo so if you weren’t lucky enough to see them in a convention video room or don’t have a membership to you probably haven’t seen their collection of fantastic work. Winner of the 2006 Stargate Fan Award for Best Video: Character (McKay) and the 2006 Stargate Music Video Award (McKay), hands down, if you’ll pardon the pun, this is one of my all-time favorite videos in any fandom.


Video of the Week: Sherlock – Will You Do This For Me?

WARNING: If you haven’t watched Series 2, don’t watch this because it’s one big spoiler.

WARNING: If you have watched Series 2, have a full box of tissues handy because you’ll be a mess by the time it’s over.

Sherlock fandom is producing an astonishing amount of brilliant pieces of art – videos, fiction, drawings, paintings, manips, gifs, etc. This video is a flawless example of the heights in which this fandom is capable of attaining. 


Video of the Week: Grimm – MV

MV means it’s all about the music and pictures… and Grimm is a lush looking series with marvelous location work so as you can guess this fan video is filled with gorgeous imagery. I have a thing for music videos that use instrumental music and it’s used to great effect here. I should warn you, however, that if you can’t deal with bees or rats then this isn’t the video you’re looking for. If you can, you’ll be sucked right in and wondering why you haven’t been watching this little NBC series. (The three best episodes, in my opinion, are “Danse Macabre”, “Organ Grinder” and “Tarantella”.)