1,001 Movies – Week 25

“Braveheart” to “Breaking Away”


Braveheart (1995) – Mel Gibson’s epic tale of William Wallace and the Scottish rebellion against King Edward I (played by the marvelous Patrick McGoohan); action, excitement and, best of all, kilts!  (GS)

Brazil (1985) – You find this under “comedy”, because of Terry Gilliam’s connection to Monty Python, but don’t expect a lot of laughs.  There are funny moments, but they lean more to the abstract and the absurd.  Think of 1984, with a little whimsy to break things up.  Still, an amazing accomplishment.  (KCL)

Breakdown (1997) – Kurt Russell, Kathleen Quinlan, and especially J.T. Walsh make this a wide-awake summer-sleeper. The average couple break down in the middle of nowhere. A friendly trucker offers assistance and then the roller coaster ride begins! Twists, surprises and stupid human foibles make it a bumpy thrilling ride. (KWR)

Breaker Morant (1979) – Based on the true story of three soldiers who are brought up on trumped up charges during the Boer War; Bruce Beresford’s passionate film will take you on an emotional journey. (GS)

Breaking Away (1979) – A wonderful film about some local kids unsure about what to do with their lives, living in the shadow of the giant university in town (Bloomington, Indiana) that none of them will get to actually attend. Interesting characters include those played by Dennis Christopher, who believes that he is a French bicyclist, and Dennis Quaid who plays Christopher’s tough-guy friend who redeems himself and his reputation.  Sadly, this seems to be mostly forgotten though it received some press recently as Jackie Earle Haley received an Oscar nomination. (SB)


Originally published in Raspberry World – Volume 2, Issue 1 (June/July 2007) 

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