Cinema Insomnia 10th Anniversary Celebration


Cinema Insomnia host Mr. Lobo hopes the project funding site will inspire fans to back 26 new episodes!


Sacramento, CA – Mr. Lobo is an independent producer and host of a TV show called CINEMA INSOMNIA that will soon be celebrating its 10th anniversary. Mentored by Creature Features host Bob Wilkins and given nods from Elvira and other late night horror hosts — Mr. Lobo’s show a throwback to late night movie programs of yesteryear as well as a platform for indie films, genre classics, shorts, gems from their archives, satire, absurdest humor, interviews, and looks at the off beat side of entertainment. This special blend of weirdness has been seen on 100’s of channels coast to coast.

“It’s not been easy. Most of what you see on commercial TV is a product and it’s corporately controlled.” Says Lobo in a video proposal uploaded to KICKSTARTER, a website used by indie filmmakers, musicians, and artists to fund their creative projects.

“You hear a lot of hullabaloo about independently produced movies — but not so much television. Cinema Insomnia is a labor of love…”

In recent seasons, however, financial setbacks have made it difficult to add very many new episodes into the syndication line up. Stations are happy to repeat the 30 or 40 shows in their cue. Halloween Specials and other new shows are purely a service to the fans.

For the 10th anniversary Mr. Lobo plans to pull out all the stops and do Cinema Insomnia’s first full season in several years. Like in their hey-day back in 2003-2004 they want to produce 26 brand new full episodes for the 2011-2012 season. This is expected to electrify the fans! The Kickstarter funds promise to help them meet this goal.

The episodes will be seen on AMGTV stations as well as other broadcast TV stations across the country, on demand via Amazon, Mevio, Livestream and Roku, and released on DVD by Apprehensive Films.

On the CINEMA INSOMNMIA 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Kickstarter page backers may get exciting rewards. A link on and a 10th Anniversary button at the $5 level, $25 also gets you a certificate of appreciation and an 8X10 signed by Mr. Lobo! If you happen to donate the full ten grand goal you can co-host an entire show! There are lots of levels in between so check out all the rewards at:




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