A Few Changes…

Hello Raspberry World visitors.

If you regularly visit this site, you may have noticed some changes that have occurred. These are a result of the migration to the latest version of the Content Management System (CMS) that we use to server up all our goodies.  Probably the most notable change (other than the font on the headlines) will be:


The Menu

The all the menu items have been consolidated into three drop down menus:

  • Home: Not only takes you back to the front page, but contains the link to the contact forms.
  • Articles: This menu contains all the published articles that have appeared on the site, organized by department.
  • Mediums: This menu is where you get to Video, Images and Audio sections.  The new video module doesn’t accept audio, so there’s a seperate section for those now.  The new video module is now fully integrated with the site, and uses the same log-in credentials you have for the main site.
  • Fan Fic: Contains the writings of Georgie and her fellow writers.  At some point in the near future each of the writers will be given powers over their own collections.

As I’ve commented on, the videos module has changed. The old one was just too buggy, and did not integrate well with the CMS. The only issue I had was that three of the members who posted videos were only signed up in the old video module.  If you find that you can’t log in to upload, then you either weren’t moved over from the old video user list or your email was wrong.  If you’re not logged in you’ll still be able to view the videos.  Oh, and you can import videos from other sites like YouTube and DailyMotion (amongst others.)

The audio section is new.  Again, you’ll have to be a registered user to upload.  When you are signed in, a sub menu to the audio menu item will be available to you.

If there are any issues, email me through the contact form for Webmaster.

Thank you.

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