Video of the Week: Stargate Atlantis – Epic

I think if you’ve never seen Stargate Atlantis, this fantastic fan video will have you itching to see the show; if you have seen the show by the end of this vid you’ll be jonzing to watch it from beginning to end all over again. This is just a gorgeous tribute to an amazing television program that deserved a wider audience and longer run. The first time I watched this vid, I found myself holding my breath and alternately smiling goofily at the screen. Man, I miss this show. Give me  five minutes of your time and you’ll see why.


Video of the Week: Person of Interest – Some Things Explode

CBS’ Person of Interest is one of the best new shows of the current television season. (Tied, in my mind, with the delectable USA Network series, Suits.) If you’ve not been watching the show, which would be a shame, this video could be considered somewhat spoilerrific but it also gives a keen insight into the two main characters and their relationship, which could be the very thing that draws you into watching it. I find this is just a nicely crafted, two minute primer for the series and certainly well worth your time.