Rose Garden

Fandom: The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Pairing: Napoleon Solo/Illya Kuryakin

Category: slash

Rating: G

Word Count: 100

Notes: Written for the LiveJournal group MFUWSS “elements” challenge

Original Publication Date: 28 January 2009


“Honey, I’m home!”

Illya looked up from his housekeeping magazine and rolled his eyes.

“Whilst we are in suburbia, I am not your ‘honey.’ ”

“Sorry, um…sweetheart?” Napoleon moved up behind Illya and kissed his partner’s cheek whilst moving his hands slowly down his chest.

“Napoleon, if you wish your hands to remain unbroken, I suggest you stop.” He swatted the magazine at his partners roving hands.

“Besides,” he said, smirking. “You’ll need them for all the digging you’ll be doing at the weekend.”


“I want a rose garden – you’re going to help me dig it, aren’t you …..honey?”

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