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Video of the Week: Assassidate

This is HILARIOUS. It’s the first in what I hope is a long series of episodes featuring the Hewlett siblings, David and Kate. If you enjoy it, be sure to click over to their YouTube page and leave them a message. The more feedback, the more views, the better chance that this might become an actual series.

Here’s the description:

“Everyone plays games – so Iain, an introverted Internet nerd, has created an ingenious online dating system which targets a client’s perfect mate by analyzing the way people play them. From World of Warcraft to Angry Birds, Halo to Solitaire, Iain’s technology is so effective that when he creates a test account for his wife, Pam, Assassidate dutifully finds her the perfect man… who sadly turns out not to be Iain!

To add insult to injury, Iain is convinced to sign the company over to (family law lawyer) Emily, or lose it in his impending divorce. But that takes him to a whole new level of hell.

With his new business venture safe for the time being, Iain discovers that his gregarious little sibling isn’t content with being a paper president. Emily has big plans for Iain and “her” She starts exerting her extrovert nature and social savvy over the Assassidate geeks, breathing new life into the company and its otherwise impenetrable world of nerd.

Iain only begrudgingly accepts Emily’s help; even if it’s the best thing for them all. With these two combative siblings at the controls, the game is on!”


Video of the Week: Stargate Atlantis – Epic

I think if you’ve never seen Stargate Atlantis, this fantastic fan video will have you itching to see the show; if you have seen the show by the end of this vid you’ll be jonzing to watch it from beginning to end all over again. This is just a gorgeous tribute to an amazing television program that deserved a wider audience and longer run. The first time I watched this vid, I found myself holding my breath and alternately smiling goofily at the screen. Man, I miss this show. Give me  five minutes of your time and you’ll see why.


Video of the Week: Stargate Atlantis – The Colonel

lilly_the_kid is one of my favorite vidders in any fandom, but her Stargate Atlantis videos are all just so wonderful. Her latest video, “The Colonel”, is a delight from beginning to end. If you’re not a SGA fan, you’ll find yourself wanting to watch the show by the time is video is over. It’s a marvelous look at the relationship between the show’s two most popular characters – Lt. Col. John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay.


the colonel from Lilly T. Kid on Vimeo.